This new law could affect abortion provision in Scotland so please make your voice heard

Last year MPs at Westminster voted to impose an extreme abortion regime on the people of Northern Ireland. This was despite all MPs representing Northern Ireland opposing the move.

The UK Parliament will soon debate the new legislation and it will then be put to a vote. And even though the new law is specific to Northern Ireland, its damaging effects will be felt across the whole of the UK. That is why we need you to contact your MP and urge them to vote against it.
Last Tuesday MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly voted in support of a motion rejecting Westminster’s undemocratic intervention and the extreme abortion law it seeks to foist on the province. This, however, is unlikely to deter the UK Parliament from progressing the new law.

Please act now. You can contact your MP by clicking the link below and using Right to Life UK’s email function. Alternatively click the other link to find your MP’s details and email them yourself. A more personal email tends to make more of an impact. Below are some of the points you might want to consider including in your email or letter:

Make sure you ask your MP to vote against the Abortion (Northern Ireland) Regulations.
Encourage your MP to respect the decision of the Northern Ireland Assembly to reject the regulations.
Authority for abortion law in Northern Ireland should be returned to the people of Northern Ireland and their political representatives at Stormont.

The new law would be amongst the most liberal abortion regimes in Europe, allowing abortion on demand until 24 weeks, and up to, and even during birth, for a baby with a disability, including those with Down’s Syndrome and conditions such as cleft palette.
A woman seeking an abortion up to 12 weeks into pregnancy doesn’t have to give a reason. Also, instead of needing the agreement of two doctors, as is the case in Great Britain, only one medical professional needs to sign off the abortion.
Seventy-nine per cent of the people in Northern Ireland who responded to a public consultation on the regulations rejected the proposals.

What is happening in Northern Ireland is hugely significant for Scotland, England and Wales. If the Regulations are passed it will make it much easier for pro-abortion politicians and activists to argue for similar changes throughout the UK, including Scotland.
Abortion ends the life of an unborn human being and can be damaging for women, many of whom are coerced into having an abortion. Society should love both mother and baby and do everything in its power to protect both lives.

Contact MP via Right to Life UK

Contact MP yourself.

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