Child and adult protection in the Catholic Church in Scotland
Request to abuse survivors for help with an independent review of
(1) RC Diocese of Motherwell

The Social Care Institute for Excellence / Children in Scotland (SCIE/CiS) are conducting an external, independent review of two diocese of the Catholic
Church in Scotland.

The focus
The independent team want to hear from people with first- hand experience of how people in diocesan roles have responded, or failed to respond to disclosures of
abuse or sharing of concerns.
They want to understand what is working well and what has gone wrong in the past.

They are looking at the responses of people in diocesan roles to knowledge of abuse by clergy or risks posed by clergy and others in Church-related roles, paid or

At this stage, they are only focusing on responses by people in the Diocese of Aberdeen and the Diocese of Motherwell.

An independent, confidential process

The diocese will have no role in this except to help to publicise that the audit is taking place and that the external team want to hear from abuse survivors.
We recommend that you speak to SCIE and CiS staff directly.
Nobody at any level in the Church will be told that you are taking part.
What you tell SCIE/CiS will be confidential and will not be shared with the diocese except as part of an overall report which will absolutely not identify you.

SCIE/CiS expect the diocese to publish the report. Copies of the report will be made available to survivors.

Contact details
If you feel able to contribute, please contact SCIE directly:
By email on
By phone on 07921 251614

SCIE will then get in touch to arrange a time at your convenience to meet with the auditors.

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