Rota for Readers until 7th April 2019.

Please swop with another reader if unable to attend.

Readers Rota

SUNDAYVigil 5pm10.30am5.30pm
24th November 2019J. LindenP. DalingtonM. Layden
1st December 2019L. CormsM. McDonnellJ. Doherty
8th December 2019M. H. TaggartJ. O'BrienL. Fagan
15th December 2019C. CairneyP. DalingtonJ. McGoldrick
22nd December 2019P. McMullenM. McDonnellM. Layden
29th December 2019J. TraynorJ. O'BrienJ. Doherty
5th January 2020J. LindenP. DalingtonL. Faga
12th January 2020L. CormsM. McDonnellJ. McGoldrick
19th January 2020M. H. TaggartJ. O'BrienM. Layden
26th January 2020C. CairneyP. DalingtonJ. Doherty
2nd February 2020P. McMullenM. McDonnellL. Fagan
9th February 2020J. TraynorJ. O'BrienJ. McGoldrick
16th February 2020J. LindenP. DalingtonM. Layden
23rd February 2020L. CormsM. McDonnellJ. Doherty
1st March 2020M. H. TaggartJ. O'BrienL. Fagan
8th March 2020C. CairneyP. DalingtonJ. McGoldrick
15rh March 2020P. McMullenM. McDonnellM. Layden
22nd March 2020J. TraynorJ. O'BrienJ. Docherty
29th March 2020J. LindenP. DalingtonL. Fagan
5th April 2020L. CormsM. McDonnellJ. McGoldrick
12th April 2020M. H. TaggartJ. O'BrienM. Layden
19th April 2020C. CairneyP. DalingtonJ. Doherty
26th April 2020P. McMullenM. McDonnellL. Fagan
3rd May 2020J. TraynorJ. O'BrienJ. McGoldrick