The Diocese has placed an online donations facility through the PAYA group on the diocesan website –

By clicking on the link on the web site, you are taken to another page which highlights four Diocesan funds for contributions and the option to choose any of the parishes in the diocese too, by simply typing in four letters of the parish name or the town.

The four Diocesan funds are :

  • Diocesan General Funds
  • Retired Priests Fund
  • Student Priests Fund
  • Bishop’s Fund

followed by the 60 diocesan parishes.

The donor is then directed to an online form which contains details of the Fund/Parish and the donor can choose to make a one-off or recurring donation, and to asked that it be gift-aided.  On a regular basis, the Diocese will pay donations to the fund or parish identified.

You can link into this page using the hyperlink ​here or on our Twitter Page.

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