“Get to know and love Jesus Christ better in order to live a deeper and more authentic Christian life of service.
Jesus was quite a character with a message and way of acting that was as counter-cultural in his day as it would be in ours. Going back to the roots of Christianity to the man who is its foundation gives a deeper understanding of what the faith is really about and a challenge for living.

Weekly topics include:
Jesus, his prayer and the Father
Jesus’ Family and Friends
Jesus’ Teachings
Jesus reaches out to the needy
The emotional Jesus
Jesus under Attack
The Resurrected Jesus
The retreat for 2021 is from Ash Wednesday, 17th February to the First Sunday of Easter, 11th April.

Time for Prayer: Ideally you should be able to find a time to pray with the Scripture or other material daily; anything from 15 minutes to an hour a day, whatever you find helps you.

Weekly Meeting: The idea of this retreat is that groups of people support each other. Each person prays daily individually, and then various groups meet weekly together to see how the prayer has been going. This will support you in your prayer and help you see where God is in your prayer and in your life. It will also introduce you to different ways of praying with Scripture.

Prayer Materials: Choose what is most convenient for you: we provide the materials online for a computer or smartphone.
Every day there is one passage from Scripture plus ‘A Thought for Today’ a piece of music and a picture to ponder.
We also give a few suggestions on how to pray with the day’s materials.

Reflecting on Prayer; We suggest that after each day’s prayer you jot down in a journal a few notes on how the prayer has gone. This will help your sharing in the group if you have one. It will also be interesting to reflect on how things are moving during Lent and see whether you discern any patterns in the way God is dealing with you.

The BBC Radio 4 Daily Service will be taking up the themes of this week. So this will be an additional way to immerse yourself in this retreat.”

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