Government restrictions have been eased to allow the churches and other places of worship to reopen, albeit in a restricted fashion; with only 50 worshipers and Covid protocols still in place. It comes for us during the most sacred and important time in Church’s year: Holy Week. I’m sure everyone would wish to get to at least one of the Holy Week Services, the Sacred Triduum and Easter Sunday. The Bishop points out that for those unable to get to the Holy Week services or to Easter Sunday that the Easter Octave, lasts from Easter Sunday to Low Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday) and is an extension of the sacred celebration of Easter Sunday, and you might want to get mass during that time.

I know, we would all like to participate in the Holy Week Services: altogether we have 23 Masses/services, this means with 50 at Mass we have 1150 places available. We will try to allot these places, as fairly as possible, giving as many people as we can the opportunity to participate in these most sacred and holy days. The Bishop is at pains, to remind us that the Easter Octave is an extension of the celebration of Easter Sunday. May I also remind you that the obligation to attend Holy Mass on Sunday remains suspended at this time of pandemic, and you should not feel any obligation to attend Mass in these extraordinary circumstances. 

If you feel able to come to mass you will need to book either online or if you have no access by phone the number is 07707014999. But please book online if you are able to. As you can imagine it’s quite an undertaking to take all these bookings, so in order to facilitate the smooth running of this, we will not take booking for the Palm Sunday Masses until Monday 22 of March.

Bookings for the Easter Triduum (Mass of the Lord’s Supper Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Vigil) and Easter Sunday will be taken from Monday 29 of March. When you are booking please indicate which service you are booking for. I foresee that given there are more Easter/Easter Vigil Masses this will be less problematic. But Good Friday & Holy Thursday are a different matter because places are so limited. I propose then that if the numbers exceed the quota, which I’m certain they will, the only fair way to allot places is by drawing names from a hat.

As I said, its important that we give everyone the opportunity, in as much as that is possible, to celebrate these sacred days. I ask you to be generous and understanding, and to accept we are all called to accept disappointment and sacrifice in these most sacred days ahead.

I would once again like to thank our Covid Coordinator in the parish, and all our volunteers for the generous service they give to the parish community.

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